Gemstone of the month June!

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Gemstone of the month June!

One of the most popular gems, pearls—natural and cultured—come in a large variety of colours. The most familiar colours are white and cream, but also pink, like the rare conch pearl, and the mystic black pearl from Tahiti are desirable varieties.

Natural pearls are formed around a microscopic irritant, like a little parasite in the bodies of certain mollusks.

Cultured pearls are produced by human intervention by deliberately inserting  a bead or piece of mantletissue that eventually will be coated with nacre by the mollusc.

It is the characteristic surface reflection or “luster” that makes pearls such popular gems.

The pearls beautiful luster is the result from of light rays that reflect off the pearl’s surface, microscopically small calcium carbonate crystal overlapping each other like slates on a roof, and from concentric inner layers of nacre, you can compare this with a ray of light bouncing off a convex mirror!


Not only is the pearl the gem for the month of June, it also symbolizes the third and thirtieth anniversaries.



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