Formation of diamonds

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Formation of diamonds

Before a diamond reaches a beautiful piece of jewellery in the showcase of ZAZARE DIAMONDS , it has undergone a lot...

It took many years of research, before scientists were able to estimate the conditions required for natural diamonds to form a temperature range of 900°C to 1300°C and a pressure between 45.000 and 70.000 atmosphere! Imagine this pressure as having the Eiffel tower resting on the tip of your finger! Only under these conditions the carbon atoms can form diamond crystals, if the conditions are not ideal, the carbon atoms are formed into graphite, like in a pencil, or the lubricant in a bicycle chain. Long before dinosaurs even existed, diamonds formed billions of years ago at a depth more than 200 km deep inside the mantle of the earth and they only become assessible to us by volcanic activity.

After a violent  transport, the volcanic rock called Kimberlite finally erupts, like a champagne cork popping out of its bottle, and the diamonds arrive at or near the surface of the earth. The Kimberlite leaves a carrot shaped “pipe” in which the diamonds wait to be mined and processed.

Every diamond crystal is a unique creation of mother earth. The characteristic shape of a gem quality diamond crystal is called the “octahedron’ or “double pyramid“ there are however many other possible shapes. Just imagine that rough diamonds are sorted into 12.000 categories and only 15% of the global diamond production can be cut and polished as a gem.


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