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Golden engagement Rings Zazare Diamonds

Golden engagement Rings

Engagement ring, how to buy?

How to buy an engagement ring? Or better said the perfect engagement ring? A question were many start their exciting time during the proposal and engagement. You need everything to be 150% perfect, from the moment as for the engagement ring.

Due to our longtime experience we know this is not a simple task for most of us. Therefor we would love to help and advise. So many rings, many budgets and enormous differences between diamonds make the options increase at an exponential rate.

The engagement ring expert

Our team of trained engagement ring experts offer their services to you for 7 days a week. Ready to help you will all questions and in the best way possible. Claim your moment of leisure in our luxury boutique during this exiting period. Ask every question imaginable, look into various engagement rings and enjoy your glass of Champagne or any other drink.

Buy your engagement ring in Amsterdam or online

With us there are two main options to buy your engagement ring. We offer many rings online or you may request a personal viewing instore. We advise the latter for buying your engagement ring because this enables the possibility to see, feel and experience the engagement ring. Next to this we have another service to offer which is creating your own unique engagement ring.

Design your unique engagement ring

Craftsmanship is our job and passion our incentive. Something our goldsmiths live by each day and show by creating the most beautiful pieces that are each unique in their own. We have the latest jewelry drawing-software and a 3D-printer. Enabling us to create your engagement ring from A to Z.

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