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Star of Amsterdam diamond | Unique, beautiful & special Zazare Diamonds

Star of Amsterdam | World's most unique diamond

Star of Amsterdam diamond


The unique Star of Amsterdam diamond

Your engagement ring, a chique pendant for your next gala or a special bracelet for your daughters birthday? No matter the situation, the perfect piece of jewelry is unique and amplifies personality and characteristics.

Big, small, round or square and in any gold colour imaginable. Al variants are possible and the same goes for diamonds.

Your jewelry is a signal of style to others. This is why we believe that your perfect jewelry should match.

That's why we focus on two things:

1. We take all the time that's needed to discover your wishes and answer your questions.
2. Offer a unique diamond that no other story sells.

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The diamond with more shimmering

The unique Star of Amsterdam diamond has 200 facets more than the populair brilliant cut (57 facets).

With 257 facets this diamond creates an elegant light-play, that compliments any jewelry setting. 

Your ring, pendant or earrings will shine extra bright and uncover their full glory with each subtle movement.

The diamond for more pleasure

By wearing a unique diamond jewelry piece you will enjoy it far more than any other piece.

A diamond isn't just anything but a pure product of nature. With this you will become the next main character in a 3 billion year old story.

More time for you with our diamond experts

In our luxurious boutique we take the time to find your perfect jewelry.  

With us you enjoy the following benefits:

  • You will have a diamond cut that can't be found elsewhere in the world;
  • Your jewelry can be custom made by our experienced goldsmiths;
  • You will have a two years grantee on your purchase;
  • You will have a piece of jewelry that fits you personally;

The diamond in honor of Amsterdam as a diamond city

The Star of Amsterdam is designed with the rich history of our beautiful city Amsterdam in mind.

Our city was the diamond trading center for over 400 years and still is thriving on this topic.

We are on a mission to maintain this beautiful legacy and love to share our knowledge with you!

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