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Custom made jewelry | Gold & diamonds | Premium quality Zazare Diamonds

Custom made jewelry with gold & diamonds

Custom made jewelry is becoming today's standard. A unique piece of jewelry that perfectly fits you and your personality.

Or jewelry that fits your loved one if it's a gift.

The perfect jewelry creation is all about you

The perfect custom made jewelry begins with you. Infinite options and possibilities that fit your personal wishes and needs.

Which color of gold? Which shape and which jewelry? A ring, pendant or bracelet?

Do you fancy diamonds or color stones (e.g. Sapphire, Onyx or Ruby). What type of diamond? And how many carat?

Many questions waiting to be answered.

Your wishes, our people

Your welcome to visit us 7 days per week between 10am and 6pm. The orientation and non-committal conversation in our luxurious boutique is the start of something beautiful. Something truly unique.  

While enjoying a drink within a relaxing atmosphere our experts and goldsmiths get to know you and your desires.

Your desires regarding jewelry, gemstones and your personality will become the basis of the carefully crafted piece of jewelry.

From idea to jewelry within 2 weeks

As soon as all your needs are known our certified goldsmiths start. Digital designs will show your jewelry even before production has started.

Only after your approval the jewelry design will be 3D-printed and sent to the molder. 1 or 1,5 week later we will receive your gold molded jewelry.

At last our goldsmiths will place the gemstone(s) and take care of the final details.

Not only creating the perfect jewelry but the perfect jewelry of the highest standards.

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