The “real” white diamonds!

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The “real” white diamonds!

Very often the term “white “ is applied to the graded diamonds that are colourless and fall within the GIA D – to – Z diamond colour grading scale. This confusion is often the case even to many diamond professionals.

Zazare Diamonds is happy to explain you all about these special fancy diamonds!

The body colour of diamonds graded in the D-to-Z range are not “white” at all. Diamonds grade as “D” for example, are correctly described as “colourless”, in the early diamond trade they were called “of the purest water” or “River”. The further down the grading scale to Z diamonds have tints of light yellow, light brown or light grey. The more colourless a diamond is, the more rare and thus valuable!

Diamonds graded beyond the Z of the grading scale have distinct body colours of all ranges of the spectrum, like red, green and blue! These are the so called “ Fancy Colour Diamonds”.

White diamonds owe their colour to microscopic inclusions which  scatter light  through the stone and give it a milky and translucent appearance.



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